As a teacher, I aim to develop my students’ critical thinking skills so that they can better interpret, engage with, and analyze the world they live in while preparing them for a wide range of careers. I have extensive teaching experience in international relations and data science, both as an instructor of record and as a leader of discussion sections. I employ active learning and pedological best practices to engage my students with course material. I acknowledge my students come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, not only in their schooling but also in their life experiences, relationships, and exposure to different ideas and perspectives. I aim to provide an inclusive classroom with opportunities for engagement and diverse perspectives.

I have served as a Senior Teaching Assistant in UC San Diego's Department of Political Science (2019-2020 International Relations, Fall 2020 Political Methodology and International Relations) to facilitate other graduate students' teaching experience. 

In Fall 2021, I received the Department of Political Science's Teaching Excellence Award

Instructor of Record (UC San Diego)

POLI 270: Mathematical  & Statistical Foundations (Fall 2021, Graduate)

ECON/POLI 5: Introduction to Social Data Analytics (Spring 2020, Undergraduate)

Discussion Sections (UC San Diego)

INTL 102: The Modern World Economy (Winter 2022,  Winter 2021, Winter 2020, Winter 2019)

POLI 12: Introduction to International Relations (Fall 2020, Fall 2017)

INTL 102: Analyzing Current Security Problems (Fall 2018)

Student Resources

Study Skills: Reading, Writing, Test-taking